Thursday, 18 February 2010

New Work for 2010

We are very pleased to announce that we are once again working with the theatre Director Hannah Philips on a play entitled ‘Hetrophobia’, which will run at the REP, Birmingham in March, 2010. A tight turnaround but great to be working with her again after the success of ‘The Fear of Queer’ [see last post], which is traveling down to the West End in October 2010 – more news to follow on that soon.

We would also like to welcome Becky Wheeler to the ‘We Make Art’ team. Becky is working with us on this new production and is, as you read this, drawing out hundreds [well lots] of illustrations for the new ‘Hetrophobia’ films, welcome!

[above are screenshots from early production tests for ‘Hetrophobia].

The Fear of Queer

During November 2009 we were working flat out on the production of ‘Fear of Queer’ directed by Hannah Philips. We Vjayed the films live in collaboration with the actor’s performances. The run of nights, which were at The Custard Factory Theatre, Birmingham played out to a full-house every night. We are proud to announce that the play is moving top the West End in October 2010, more information to follow.

Above; shots from play [photographed by Kayne Jackson] & Screengrapbs of actual film work.